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And we're leaving, never to come back again... [07 Apr 2010|06:05pm]
Wow. It's almost been a year since I've been on here.
That is insane. I feel like I left a piece of my old self here at LJ.

I guess everything and nothing has changed since my last post, heh. I'm still at University, but I'm doing my Honours degree now. Hoorah for dissertations.
Um, I was in New York and Boston for awhile and LOVED it.While I was in NY I was hanging with the guys from NFG, Bayside, H20 and Madball. I took it in stride. HA. I was freaking out every day, in a good way. Meghan knows EVERYONE. And so now I know EVERYONE. I do love having her in my life, ha ha. Only good can come of it.
Best holiday ever. I already knew I loved NYC, but Boston stole my heart. I've been discussing with my future teachers at Parsons about moving my masters to Boston when I finally decide to do it. It's amazing.

I definitely wont be doing my masters next year though. I'll be backpacking around Europe! Very exciting stuff, that is. I'm going via Orlando with Lauren and Meghan. Theme parks have a place in my heart =]

In more recent news, I had surgery on my jaw today. It was only day surgery though so I don't win too many sympathy points. Shame. My face met with a wayward fist at waterpolo a couple of weeks ago. Meh. So instead of using this resting time off work to do uni work, I'm reacquanting myself with lj. Good choice, I say.

I have nothing else to report. I had the worst birthday ever this year, but it's best left in the past. Breaking up is hard to do, especially on your birthday. But whatever trevor.
I'm going to the Easter Show tomorrow with Guy and we're determined to snag ourselves some cowboys in the RM Williams bar. Mmmm. Cowboys.


Meeee. With Rusty from H20. =]

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